Guest post: You should visit Vietnam today!


Vietnam may just be the best all round family destination right now.

Think bustling exciting cities with markets everywhere, magnificent mountains for hiking and meeting hill tribes, a long, gorgeous coastline with endless sandy beaches, kayaking in UNESCO World Heritage Halong Bay which will take your breath away, and much, much more. And all of this at unbeatable prices and of course you get to spend your trip eating the most amazing food.

Vietnam is like stepping into another world, one filled with incredible color, culture, sights, sounds and culinary delights. It is a country that will excite your senses and have you staring at the teeming life that surrounds you during your Vietnam adventure tour.

Less than forty years after a savage civil war, this country is on the move. Tourists are discovering this beautiful land of green paddy fields, perfect beaches, soaring mountains, exciting cities, and people so friendly and welcoming you’ll be thinking of your next Vietnam family holiday soon after you arrive.

From Hanoi, the capital where medieval and modern Asia meet, to the stunning hill country of Sapa, to spectacular Halong Bay, a family tour through Vietnam will take your breath away again and again. Hoi An is the region’s culinary capital and home to fantastic cooking lessons (if you can get yourself off the beach), while the Mai Chau Valley is perfect for village to village hiking.

All of this comes at unbeatable prices and with the dual attractions of Cambodia (you’ll feel like Indiana Jones deep in the jungle temples of Angkor) and Laos just next door, this is definitely a region one should take the family today!

Thanks to See the World contributor Philip Nurick, Quivertree Family Expeditions