Guest post: Time for a family trip to Peru


Peru is always my first recommendation for families traveling to South America for the first time. Besides the geographical factor that a trip to Peru can often be completed with one direct international flight (there are direct flights to Lima from Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Fort Lauderdale, Miami and New York), the proximity of sites and in-country destinations are perfect for a 7-10 day adventure (the typical amount of time of a school vacation or break).

One of our most popular itineraries in Peru is our Peru Family Adventure.


Our active Peru family adventure traverses the Andes, the Amazon and the altiplano of Lake Titicaca, exploring the sacred landscapes of ancient people with a family-friendly guide who shares the traditions and daily life of the indigenous Quechuas.

Traveling among many distinct native communities, we play and work side-by-side with local families in their fields and their homes, and are invited to participate in ancient ceremonies like a Pago-a-la-Tierra (Payment to the Earth), a ritual reminding us of our common heritage and respect for Pachamama(Mother Earth). Families amble among towering Inca ruins, and share footpaths with alpaca and llama hiking the one-day Inca Trail, entering the magical citadel of Machu Picchu, like the Incas did, through the Intipunku (Gate of the Sun).

Cycling back roads of the Sacred Valley, kayaking on Lake Titicaca, and flying on zip-lines through the jungle, on this active family adventure you visit local markets, try your hand at weaving, and sample traditional Andean foods like quinoa, purple potatoes, guinea pig, and choclo, the biggest corn you’ve ever seen!

The trip begins in the Sacred Valley of the Incas for easy acclimatization. Family-friendly accommodations include spacious bungalows in the Urubamba Valley, elevated tree houses in the Amazon, and a native guest house in a local village on Taquile Island in Lake Titicaca.

Ready to get start your planning your family’s next adventure to Peru? Feel free to contact me!

Thanks to See the World contributor Gretchen Traut , South America Director, Wildland Family Adventures.