Highlights National Gallery of Art, Washington DC

Many world-famous artworks are located in the National Gallery of Art, Washington DC.

See European artists Van Gogh, Gaugin, Monet, Vermeer, Rembrandt, Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, as well as American artists who painted Native Americans, George Washington’s family, wilderness landscapes, daily life of people centuries ago.

And the museum is free.

Our highlights are arranged in fun categories – Family, Pets, In the Garden, Things to Eat, Fashion, Going places, “Selfies,” and more.

Tip: Each artwork is labeled with the gallery number, so it’s easy to find.



The Washington Family, by Edward Savage, Gallery 62

George Washington with his wife Martha, and grandchildren.


(on left) Lorenzo de Medici, terra cotta sculpture, probaby by Verrocchio, Gallery 09

(on right) Giuliano de Medici, by Andrea del Verrocchio, Gallery 09

During the Renaissance, brothers Lorenzo and Giuliano and the wealthy Medici family ruled Florence. In an attempted coup by a rival family in Florence, Lorenzo was wounded, but his younger brother Giuliano was killed in the cathedral. Lorenzo became a famous statesman and patron of artists, including da Vinci, Botticelli and Michelangelo.



(on left) White Poodle in a Punt, by George Stubbs, Gallery 61

(on right) Miss Beatrice Townsend, by John Singer Sargent, Gallery 69


Things to Eat

Le Gourmet by Pablo Picasso, Gallery 83


Still Life with Apples on Pink Tablecloth, by Henri Matisse (not on view currently)


In the Garden

(on left) The Artist’s Garden at Veutheuil, by Claude Monet, Gallery 85

(on right) Girl with a Hoop, by Auguste Renoir, Gallery 85


(on left) A Girl with a Watering Can, by Auguste Renoir, Gallery 85

(on right) The Japanese Footbridge, by Claude Monet (not on view currently)



(on left) A Young Woman and Her Little Boy, by Agnolo Bronzino, Gallery 21

(on right) Portrait of a Gentleman, by Bartolomeo Veneto, Gallery 10

What do well-dressed women and men wear in 16th century Italy?


(on left) Madame Bergeret, by Francois Boucher, Gallery 54

(on right) Mrs Davies Davenport, by George Romney, Gallery 58

Late 18th century, two ladies from France and England, posed for a stroll in the garden?


Going Places

Palazzo da Mula, Venice, by Claude Monet, Gallery 80


Pont Neuf, Paris, by Auguste Renoir, Gallery 89


River of Light, by Frederic Edwin Church, Gallery 67


Out West

Green River Cliffs, Wyoming, by Thomas Moran, Gallery 67


(on left) Boy Chief – Ojibbewey, by George Catlin, Gallery 63

(on right) The White Cloud, Head Chief of the Iowas, by George Catlin, Gallery 63


Famous Italians

Ginevra de’ Benci, by Leonardo da Vinci, Gallery 06

Ginevra was the daughter of a Floretine banker, her portrait was probably painted when she was married, age 16.


Saint George and the Dragon, by Raphael, Gallery 20

Saint George kills the dragon, and rescues the princess.


Emperor & King

Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte in His Study in the Tuileries, by Jacques-Louis David, Gallery 56.

The painting depicts a scene in 1804, soon after Napoleon declared himself Emperor, and went to live in the Tuileries Palace, residence of previous French monarchs.


Louis XIV, King of France, by French sculptor 18th century, West Sculpture Hall



Self-Portrait, by Rembrandt, Gallery 48


(on left) Self-Portrait, by Paul Gaugin, Gallery 83

(on right) Self-Portrait, by Vincent van Gogh, Gallery 83


Off for the day

Breezing Up (A Fair Wind), by Winslow Homer, Gallery 68

Editor’s note: This is a well-known painting by American artist Winslow Homer, but it when I look at this painting, wind filling the sails, kids relaxed on the boat, I’m reminded of our boys … set a course and go.


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