Chihuly Garden and Glass


Chihuly Garden and Glass is a glowing exhibition of glass sculptures by Pacific Northwest artist Dale Chihuly at the Seattle Center. We visited on a bright summer day, but year round, especially on a gray rainy day, kids will be dazzled by the gallery and glasshouse.

Over many years Dale Chihuly has taken the art of hand-blown glass into new dimensions. “I want people to be overwhelmed with light and color in a way they have never experienced.”

In Sealife Tower a glass ocean of blue tendrils and golden sea creatures spout from the depths. Colorful glass balls and flowers fill boats sailing away on a magical sea. Mille Fiori, “a thousand flowers,” is a garden of glass. Outdoors, glass sculptures “grow” in a garden filled with blooming flowers, plants and trees.

The colors in the glass sculptures are so layered, swirling, kaleidoscopic, take your time to just stop and look at any one sculpture.

The museum is open daily. And find out about more year-round activities in Seattle on Travel for Kids.


Persian Ceiling



Sealife Tower



Ikebana Boat



Mille Fiori



Outdoor garden