Crater Lake adventures

Last summer at Crater Lake National Park, we took a special excursion – a boat ride around the lake, with a stop at Wizard Island.

Our trip began at Cleetwood Cove (hike down to the lake). As the boat glided through sparkling deep blue water, a park ranger pointed out earth-shattering volcanic formations in the surrounding caldera. At Wizard Lake dock, we saw two trails: Fumarole Bay Trail to explore the chunky black lava beds, or Summit Trail, climb to the top. When we reached the summit of Wizard Island, in the middle of a gigantic mountain that erupted, collapsed, then filled as a lake, it was as if time stopped, rock and water transformed, and we could see it now.

This boat trip is available in summer for a short period of time, and two boat trips a day stop at Wizard Island. For details, along with more Crater Lake info: Travel for Kids Crater Lake

Tip: Wondering about the name of Wizard Island? It’s suggested the island’s pointy volcanic cone looks like a wizard’s hat, but for us, it was a magical trip.