New York City mystery books


New York City is a dynamic setting for mysteries – the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Grand Central Station, Yankee stadium, the subway, Central Park. Here’s new and favorite mysteries, all set in New York, from Harlem to Staten Island, East Side, West Side, Ellis Island, and Fifth Ave.


  • Into the Lion’s Den (The Devlin Quick Mysteries) by Linda Fairstein. Devlin Quick and her two friends are off to track down a thief, who stole a rare map from the New York Public Library. Their detective hunt takes them all over New York – will they escape the dark tunnels of a ghost station underground? (Chapter book)
  • Doom at Grant’s Tomb (Eddie Red Undercover) by Marcia Wells. Eddie Red is a seventh grader with a photographic memory, and helps the New York police department solve crimes. Four New York landmarks – Cleopatra’s Needle, gilded statue of William Sherman in Central Park, Penn Station, and Grant’s Tomb – are targeted by a gang of thieves, but Eddie finds himself in the middle of a heist to steal diamonds and paintings from the Met museum. (Chapter book)
  • Walls Within Walls by Maureen Sherry. Follow the Smithfork kids on a treasure hunt through New York; seven poems contain puzzles and clues to seven sights around the city. Find the map hidden behind the walls of the Smithfork apartment, and solve the mystery – what happened to the Post family fortune? (Chapter book)
  • From the Mixed up Files of Basil E. Frankweiler by E.L. Konigsburg. Claudia and her brother Jamie go to live in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, sleeping in a Renaissance bed and taking baths in the fountain. The kids are hot on the trail of a mysterious statue – is it really by Michelangelo? A wonderful museum adventure (but you won’t see Angel at the Met). (Chapter book)
  • The Gallery by Laura Marx Fitzgerald. Inspired by real events, step in Roaring 20ties New York, and a gilded mansion on Fifth Ave. A reclusive heiress Rose Sewell owns a painting collection worth millions, but she never goes outside. It’s up to clever Martha O’Doyle, a twelve year old kitchen maid, to solve the mystery of Rose’s disappearance. (Chapter book)
  • Danger in the Dark (A Houdini & Nate Mystery) by Tom Lalicki. It’s 1911, and young Nate Fuller teams up with escape artist Houdini to save his wealthy aunt from a dangerous con man. An action adventure mystery, up and down New York, from Harlem to Staten Island. (Chapter book)
  • Madhattan Mystery by John J. Bonk. A summer trip to New York for Lexi and her brother Kevin gets very exciting when they overhear thieves planning a jewel heist. Mystery and adventure, as the kids follow leads through the big city, to a secret train platform underneath Grand Central. (Chapter book)
  • The Pinstripe Ghost (Ballpark Mysteries) by David A. Kelley, Mark Meyers. Baseball fans Mike and Kate are visiting New York’s Yankee Stadium. But what about this rumor that Babe Ruth’s ghost is haunting the stadium? Gusts of cold air, strange noises, the cousins follow the clues to solve the mystery. (Easy reader)