Travel tip: Stay at the Frankfurt Airport


When we fly from California to Europe, Frankfurt is often a transfer point for trips to Italy, Spain, Switzerland.

One of our top tips is to stay overnight in the Frankfurt airport.

Rather than flying 10 or 11 hours, then waiting for a connection (or rushing to make a connection if your transcontinental plane was delayed), going through passport control, getting into a city, it’s easily 15 – 20 hours before we reach our destination.

Also, on one trip coming back from Christmas markets in December, we had an 8:00am flight, so the night before we stayed at a hotel at the Frankfurt airport. It was so easy, we just got up, walked across the street, and there’s the ticket counter to check-in.

Three hotels are located right across from the airport – Hilton Garden Inn, Hilton and Sheraton.

But it isn’t just the hotels – there’s The Squaire complex with bakeries, cafes, restaurants, and a supermarket.

The Squaire is a sparkling indoor atrium, lots of glass and high ceilings, a big open space and not crowded.

After a long flight, check into the hotel, then kids can relax and stretch their legs. Get a frankfurter and brotchen (bread roll) or coffee and kuchen (cakes and sweets). Options for dinner – German style dishes at Paulaner, sushi and Chinese, hamburgers, salads, sandwiches. REWE supermarket is open from 7am until 11pm daily (forgot your toothbrush, can easily get another).

From the Visitors’ Terrace and Open Air Deck at Terminal 1 and 2 are panoramic views of the airport, where kids can watch the airplanes coming and going. Terminal 1 also has a large play area.

If you arrive in the morning, and have a free afternoon, it’s only 15 – 20 min. on the train into the center of Frankfurt. Kids can have fun exploring the old city (Altstadt) or taking a boat ride on the Main River.

After a night at the airport hotel, the next morning, after a good night’s sleep, continue on to your final destination.