Myths & Legends: Real places to visit

This summer, visit real places associated with myths and legends!

See if kids can spot ghosts of two young princes, playing in the gardens in the Tower of London?

Visit the Tokyo Senso-ji temple, established with discovery of a golden statue of Kannon and miraculous appearance of a golden dragon.

A windswept headland in Cornwall England is the site of Tintagel Castle, birthplace of King Arthur.

In Greece, explore ruins of ancient Mycenae, founded by legendary hero Perseus who killed snake-haired monster Medusa.

And wander through the Jewish quarter in Prague where Rabbi Loew breathed life into a clay giant.


Lost princes – Tower of London, England

Two young princes were imprisoned in the Tower, and mysteriously disappeared – no one knows what happened to them.

It’s said two ghosts are seen playing in the gardens. See if you can catch a glimpse on a visit to the Tower of London.

  • Where is the Tower of London by Janet B. Pascal.
  • Read an illustrated history of the Tower of London, built a thousand years ago, and England’s most notorious prison where the two princes were locked up. But it was also a royal palace, home of kings, a private zoo, storehouse for weapons, armor, crown jewels, and mint where English coins were produced. (Illustrated chapter book)


Golden Kannon and Dragon – Senso-ji Temple, Tokyo

Senso-ji in Tokyo is one of the oldest temples in Japan.

In the temple origin story, the Senso-ji was founded with the miraculous appearance of golden statue of Kannon, Buddhist goddess of mercy, scooped up by two fisherman in their net.

Also a golden dragon descended from heaven, celebrated in dance every year.

The tiny golden Kannon statue is stored in the temple to this day, but is not on display.

  • Tokyo City Trails by Lonely Planet Kids.
  • Nineteen different themed trails through Tokyo – up in the air, spooky stories, yummy food, busy and noisy, royal residences, fishy city, techno Tokyo, unusual buildings, and more. (Illustrated chapter book)


King Arthur – Tintagel Castle, England

Tintagel Castle in Cornwall sits on a rocky promontory high above the sea.

According to legend, this is where King Arthur was born, and the wizard Merlin carried baby Arthur away to keep him safe.

  • Arthur of Albion by John Matthews, Pavel Tatarnikov.
  • “A king shall come who shall rule over these lands, and his name shall be Arthur.” All the magical stories of King Arthur and Camelot, Merlin the wise, and the realm of Albion, the name for England in the mists of time. Enchanting illustrations. (Illustrated chapter book)


Perseus & Medusa – Mycenae, Greece

In Greek mythology, Perseus was the founder and king of the ancient city Mycenae.

Perseus is famous for killing the snake-haired monster Medusa who turned people to stone.

  • Greek Myths by Marcia Williams.
  • Eight stories of the gods and heroes – Perseus and Medusa, Pandora’s Box, the Twelve Tasks of Heracles, Theseus and the Minotaur, and more. this is a gem. (Picture book)


Golem and Rabbi Loew – Prague, Czech Republic

  • In the golem legend, Rabbi Loew created a giant from clay to protect the Prague Jewish community. When the golem ran amok, Rabbi Loew removed the magic stone that gave the giant life.

    • Golem by David Wisniewski.
    • Spellbinding retelling of the golem legend, Rabbi Loew chants spells from the Cabala that breathe life into the giant, the golem. After the emperor guarantees safety for the Jews in Prague, Rabbi Loew returns the golem to clay – perhaps one day it will come to life again. Dazzling cut-paper illustrations. (Picture book)
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