Read Paris: A lion, dog, duck, cats, and …?


Before visiting Paris with younger kids, read delightful stories about animals in Paris.

The adventures of a lion who roars in the metro but nobody notices, a dog learns to speak French and becomes a Paris-chien, cats explore Paris to find a surprise round and musical, the duck who turns Paris upside down when he comes to visit, a mouse magnifique who’s the best judge of cheese, and everyone’s favorite elephant, Babar and his daughter explore Paris.

  • A Lion in Paris by Beatrice Alemagna. A playful, original story inspired by a statue in Paris. A lion takes the train to Paris, but no one notices when he rides the metro and roars loudly. When he visits the Louvre, the girl in a painting follows him with her eyes. The lion climbs to the top of the Eiffel Tower – he loves the view, and finds a spot made for him, in the Place Denfert Rochereau. (Oversize picture book)
  • Paris-Chien by Jackie Clark Mancuso. In Paris, people take their dogs everywhere, shopping, to cafes and restaurants, so when Hudson moves to Paris, he can’t wait to meet Parisian dogs. But all the dogs speak French, so Hudson finds a teacher, and soon he knows about chien, chat, oiseau, and has lots of friends. (Picture book)
  • Dodsworth in Paris by Tim Egan. Humorous adventures of Dodsworth and his traveling companion, the duck, in Paris for the first time. The duck makes and flies paper airplanes from the top of the Eiffel Tower. Only the paper airplanes are euros, and now their money is gone. They get a job delivering baguettes, which is lot of fun, until they pedal into right the Tour de France. After seeing the Louvre (free that day), Dodsworth paints a picture, but only the duck can turn it into a masterpiece. (Picture book)
  • Ollie & Moon by Diane Kredensor. Best friends Ollie and Moon search Paris for a surprise that’s round, musical, has lots of colors, fur, hooves and feathers, and is bright with lights. The charming surprise is real, one kids will also enjoy in Paris. (Picture book)
  • Anatole by Eve Titus, Paul Galdone. Anatole was the most contented mouse, until he discovered Parisians didn’t like mice in their homes. But Anatole had a brilliant idea – mice are the best judges of cheese, so he becomes the secret taster at the Duval Cheese Factory. This is a family favorite! (Picture book)
  • Babar’s Guide to Paris by Laurent de Brunhoff. Everyone’s favorite elephant,Babar takes his daughter Celeste on a tour of Paris. “First, he says, you must go to a cafe.” Order an ice cream, have dinner at a brasserie (you can bring your dog), admire the Eiffel Tower, enter the Louvre through the glass pyramid, walk everywhere, there will always be a surprise on every block. (Picture book) (Picture book)